Welcome to Dance Percussion Studio!

Welcome to Dance Percussion Studio!

Dance Percussion Studio is now a blogging site for Early Childhood, drumming and seniors in Rwanda.  It no longer exists as a physical entity.  Srutika has returned to Africa for 9 months to teach in the new Early Childhood Education Department of Kigali Institute of Education. For information about drum circles and “Oneness” performances, contact Bill Mitchell or Deborah Bortcher.

Mission Statement

Spontaneous rhythmic expression is an essential integral aspect of our humanity.  Dance Percussion Studio fosters creative improvisation through quality teaching, facilitation, and performance in areas of dance and drumming which highlight the African roots in world percussion styles.  

Do you want to become an excellent African style drummer?

Try a facilitated Drum Circle.

There are many drum circles around Edmonton. Some of these circles allow you to learn at your own speed without injuries to your hands and fingers and the noise level is safe for your hearing. You will get a feeling of well being and excitement as you communicate with others as you drum.

I learned to hand drum in a drum circle and that’s how most of my drumming friends learned to drum. You can learn the basic hand techniques for hand care, mastery of sound production, rhythm patterns and improvisation at a rapid pace. Some Drum Circles are more instructional than others, and some introduce other drumming traditions or more vocal percussion interaction. Look for circles that are facilitated by experienced and advanced teachers and facilitators who monitor the progress of each participant and limit the size of the group so this is possible. Fees should not be prohibitive.  In traditional drumming, you can share your passion for chant, dance, and drumming.

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